Voice Over IP (Voip)

What are the standard rate:

  • 2 cents local calling
  • 5 cents national calling
  • 18 cents mobile calling

Can I keep my number?

Absolutely! We can either provide you with a new number, or you can bring your existing number across to us in a process known as “Porting”. Basically we take your number from your existing provider and then turn it in to a VoIP number that gets delivered to you over your internet connection.

Can I call non Voip users?

Yes! It’s just like a regular phone line in that sense, you can still call everybody you previously could.

However, we do suggest you have a Cellphone in case you need to call emergency services such as Fire, Police or Ambulance.

Do I need a special phone to use your VoIP service?

You can keep your existing phones if you’d like and simply plug them in to what’s known as an ATA Adapter (Analog Telephone Adapter).

Otherwise, you can get a VoIP-specific phone (Ideal for businesses mostly), or you could use a software phone from your PC.

You can even have your number go into a VoIP PBX like Asterisk or FreeSWITCH. We won’t discriminate.

How good is the call quality?

Call quality is relative to that of regular ISDN telephone systems.

In the event you’ve invested in high-end Polycom hardware for example, the quality is even better than you can get with a traditional phone system!

Most of the time, people won’t even notice that you’re calling from a VoIP number.

How reliable is it?

Provided your Internet is online, it’s plenty reliable!

That’s the catch though, and we find people run in to issues with cheap and nasty routers (Usually that they’ve brought across from another ISP). With this in mind, ask our support team if your router is going to be up to handling VoIP reliably.

We can even provide you a small battery backup ( UPS ) for your router that will keep your internet connection up and running in a power cut

Will is work over my broadband connection?

Yes! We recommend you have one of our VDSL2 plans (For the faster upload), however we have still tested it very successfully over Naked DSL.