Naked Broadband ( Per GB )

ADSL, VDSL & UFB Broadband

Internet access price $50 per month.

Note: Connection fees apply

Data pricing

Either pay 25c per GB or purchase 100GB data packs for only $25

UFB Fibre Go Faster Add-on

$40 add-on to upgrade to a burst capability of 100Mbps down and 50Mbps up with guaranteed speed 10Mbps down and 2.5Mbps up

Pricing for naked ADSL, VDSL and UFB Fibre is identical.

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Customers must sign up either a direct debit or credit card payment type

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All broadband prices are in New Zealand Dollars, exclude GST and are subject to change.

We do not sign you up to a contract.

Note: $10 packaging and postage costs for hardware will apply for courier deliveries