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Voice Over IP (Voip)

Can I keep my number? Absolutely! We can either provide you with a new number, or you can bring your existing number across to us in a process known as “Porting”. Basically we take your number from your existing provider and then turn it in to a VoIP number that gets delivered to you over […]

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Emergency Calls and Medical Alarms

Medical Alarms: Unfortunately we’re not 100% certain that medical alarms connected to our network will work 100% of the time. We are currently working hard to make that so, but for such a critical piece of equipment, we feel it’s best you don’t use Medical Alarms on our network. It’s just not worth the chance of […]

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Trouble Shooting

The more advance troubleshooting listed in this article should only be completed after you have ruled out any issues with your physical set up. As such, please ensure the following have been completed

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